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  1. I work for public schools maintance on Friday i was sick when i called in sick one of the employees text me back angry that i called in sick calling me a lazy piece of shit and told to hurry up and start looking for another school and called me a lier that i wasnt sick

  2. Good afternoon I would like on some legal matters…. involving my brother and his condition being sent to prison, if you could call me back at the following number that would be greatly appreciated, thank you and have a great day….

  3. I had gotten into contact with you legal aid service in Farmington, NM and Ester is the manager when she had gotten ahold of me over the phone she was rude, and acted like my case didn’t matter I have been here before for the same reason 4 years ago and same outcome I’m tired of not getting the help I need and if you need I can send you the voice mail she sent me to my phone.

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