DNA is an acronym for the Navajo phrase Dinébe’iiná Náhiiłna be Agha’diit’ahii which means “attorneys who work for the economic revitalization of The People”. DNA People’s Legal Services is a 6 office, nonprofit law firm in the Southwestern United States that provides free civil legal services to low-income people who otherwise could not afford to hire an attorney. We provide legal assistance, advice and representation in U.S. and tribal courts, promotes tribal sovereignty, and offer community education programs that promote greater understanding of the law. Since 1967, DNA’s services have helped people living in poverty use existing policies and laws to protect their property and assets, stay safe from physical, mental and financial abuse, avoid exploitation and safeguard their civil rights.

  • We provide direct legal assistance to nearly 4,000 people annually.

  • Our legal help directly benefits an additional 12,000 people annually.

  • Our community legal education reaches more than 100,000 people annually.

  • Clients secure financial savings and compensation that surpasses $3.3 million/year.

  • DNA generally helps people with incomes below 125% of the federal poverty level.

  • Because of limited resources, we turn away one of every two people who seek our help.

With DNA’s help, families:

  • Escape abuse, secure financial assistance and establish lives independent from their abusers

  • Secure or preserve public benefits such as SSI/SSDI that pay for food and shelter

  • Protect assets and income from consumer fraud, scams and unfair business practices

  • Protect / Secure adequate healthcare & housing

  • Protect their rights as workers & basic civil rights

  • Ensure children’s education needs

  • Resolve IRS tax controversies

DNA Financials & Reporting:

DNA IRS Form990 FY2016 – PDF file